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At we aim at timely delivery of our products and service at the doorstep of our customers. We are manufacturer, distributor, dealer and supplier of fully automatic Domestic Atta Chakki or Gharelu Atta Chakki, domestic flour mill, stoneless atta chakki, wheat flour grinder and atta maker machine. We believe to deliver our products with best quality material used and with lowest price guaranteed as we don't have any mediator or supplier. Currently we supply our products in Delhi NCR and all nearby states like Uttar Pradesh(UP), Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh(HP), Punjab and Jammu.

Do You Know

Modern wheat is different from the wheat our ancestors consumed in older days, our ancestors used to eat home-made flour which was made by adding multiple grains in wheat and they also consumed pure Ghee that is why they lived longer and healthier life.

On the other end now most people used to eat white flour which doesn't contains wheat germ, wheat kernel and Bran (In Hindi Gehu ke beej, giri aur choker), which is the most nutritional and fiber content particle of wheat. White flour has zero nutritional value and usually made by commercial flour mills, White flour gives you the chewy feel while eating the final product which is not good for your health, Regular use of this white flour may cause serious health issues like obesity, problem in digestion, wheat allergy like gluten intolerance, chronic disease and acidity and many other health related problems.

So it is always advisable to eat multi-grain whole wheat flour, We at DomesticAttaChakki.Com always take care the health issues of our clients and our domestic flour mill is good enough to cope up from all the disorders given above as our machine grind the wheat with wheat germs and wheat kernel and you can grind all types of dry spices and dry ayurvedic products in it.
Heavy duty domestic flour mill on factory rates

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